Patient Lifter Hoyer® Presence 500 lbs. Weight Capacity

SKU 941256EA

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  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Smart monitor technology drives user compliance and lift longevity
  • Intuitive push pad assists with initiating movement
  • Swan neck style legs allow presence to get closer to the resident
  • Low leg option kit for the Hoyer Presence lift is designed to fit under beds, stretchers, and other furnishings with low clearance
  • 500 lbs. Safe working load
  • 75.2 Inch Maximum height to attachment point
  • 40.1 Inch Legs open inside dimension
  • 26.4 Inch Legs closed outside dimension
  • 4.7 Inch Overall height of legs
  • Overall height of legs 2.4 Inch with low leg option
  • Two (2) batteries and off board charger
  • Powered base
  • Tested to EN ISO 10535, the global standard for patient lifts

Product Specifications:


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