Nick DeStefane

CEO & Owner

Nick DeStefane founded Reliant Supply Group with the goal of providing his 24 senior living facilities at Reliant Care Management with the best supplies he could find. He quickly realized that there are many others in healthcare, education and government seeking the same – and so he got to work building a team.

Nick grew up in St. Louis, interning and working for his father, Rick, in many capacities. Upon graduating from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis with a degree in Business Administration in 2016, he became an Administrator in Training at Reliant Healthcare Management, a system of 24 care facilities serving over 3,000 residents with over 4,000 employees. After 4 years of hard work running a facility and getting to know the business inside and out, he was promoted to Administrator, then VP, and now Chief Administrative Officer.

As his father moves towards retirement, Nick has become the leader and part owner of 6 companies. Outside of time management, his strengths are connecting people, focusing on growth and keeping progress in motion. At Reliant Supply Group, he serves as the CEO, alongside his partner and friend, Matthew Ales.

Nick currently serves on the board of the Missouri Health Care Association. His wife, Francesca, works closely alongside him. Together they have a one-year-old daughter and 4 furbabies.